Saturday, February 7, 2009

Missing Watoto Choir

Well, it seems that C has a burden on his heart for the children of Watoto. He made them a picture today. It looks great. It depicts all of them singing, and he's labeled Fred, Davis, and Brian, the three who stayed with us. He wrote: Dear Fred, davis(no capital-teacher's nightmare), and Brian, thank you so much for singing for us. It was a lot of fun staying with us. When I'm older I want to come to Watoto. Sinserly, C It's so sweet. And J made her own card and notes to go with it. One says, "you guys are the best. I will miss you so so mach (that's much, for all you non-first grade teachers) from J

I have prayed for others to come along side me and carry this burden that I have for the children of Africa. I am SO thankful that my kids "get it". I don't have to explain it to them, and they don't look at me like I'm half nuts. If we would let C, I sincerely believe he would go to Uganda. This is the boy who was afraid to rock climb last night. There was something about the boys that you just can't explain. It was more than their politeness. It was more than their hugs. Perhaps it was their spirit. They had such a spirit of thankfulness and love.