Saturday, July 12, 2014

5 Years Old!

Gabriel John Kibrom Laubach.  How in the world are you five-years-old already?!  To think you might never walk, and now well, we try and keep you from scaling walls.  Happy Birthday!  We love you.

You love...
*tow trucks
*dump trucks
*police cars
*riding bike really fast
*Curious George
*singing worship songs/pretending you're leading worship
*pretending you're preaching about God (You've gone to the backyard a few times and proclaimed loudly:  "God's not dead. NOT.dead"
*going to "group"
*your friends
*your family
*riding bike through town with Daddy
*riding bike on trail with Mommy
*sweeping, shoveling, spraying...anything involving dirt and water
*firetrucks (if they're silent)
*picking on Cole
*playing with Julia
*cool pops
*going somewhere, anywhere...every day.