Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Contract Sent

We sent our official contract to Dove. The next step will be to have our home study completed. We need just one document, which we should have received weeks ago. Apparently, they have no record of it, and we will need to reapply. We should receive it in about two weeks. The next step for us will be to receive our dossier packet and complete lots of paperwork. From there, it will need to be reviewed by several people here in the US and then sent to Ethiopia. At that point, we will begin our wait for our referral. We should be able to complete and send our dossier back in a few months.

There is a family who is adopting two children through Dove who are currently in Ethiopia picking up their children. You may want to check out their blog as they lay everything out by dates and show pictures of their children. Their blog address is: