Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Recent Happenings

The Past:  Baptized last week-had to choke back ugly sobs as to not embarrass the boy.
The Present:  Making a fort out of a frig box
The Future:  Will be trying out for basketball next week

The Past:  Getting into books-sweet!, loved her last trail ride with Amy
The Present:  Making a fort out of a frig box, cleaning her room (again! :-)
The Future:  Looking forward to the next horse ride

The Past:  Rode a horse at Amy's by herself
The Present:  Loving reading books, playing babies (yea)
The Future:  Looking forward to her next visit to the library

The Past:  Rode to the library on his bike, parked in the rack-as Ana would say, "He's older now"
The Present:  Loves working with Daddy, seeing his friends at church, drumming
The Future:  Cannot wait to have a "TREAT" in his stocking

Family~got a new frig today, man from Estonia delivered it-the frig was from Sears, man from Estonia :-)  He went to orphanages with his church while in Estonia-he reports that orphanages in Estonia are "pretty good".  He also told us the story of the Lord healing his mother-very cool, praying about orphan care and our role, praying about Guatemala, praying about serving in our community, learning about grace and the gospel and freedom, reading through Romans with Freedom Fellowship