Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dear Man Following Hard After Jesus

Dear Man Following Hard After Jesus~

Do you know you are a rare commodity in the world?

Do you know there are men leaving and disowning children and families everywhere in the world?

Do you know you've been placed strategically in the lives of many people to point them to Christ?

Do you know that you are invaluable to your family, to men and women in your small group, your church family, your community, the world?

Do you know there are literally thousands of men and women sitting in prisons who never got to call anyone Daddy and not once got to hear "son" or "daughter"?

Do you know that a little girl could hold on to just one word of encouragement from you for a decade?

Do you know that just one intentional hug may offer the encouragement a discouraged young husband in your small group needs to go back home and keep leading his family well?

Do you know that just one intentional smile at a boy in the church foyer has the potential to start the healing process in a hurting boy's heart?

Do you know that your steady presence means more than any amount of money or gifts or words of wisdom could ever offer?

We need you.  Please don't quit.  Please don't give up.

You are not perfect-no one expects it. There is one perfect Father.

Your Father loves you.  He sees you. He formed and fashioned you just the way He desired.  You are his beloved son.
He promises to be a father to the fatherless, no need for a superman cape.
There's probably no need to go searching out anyone to love.
They're most likely right before your eyes.