Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What Is It Like?

I'm wondering what it's like to see your baby's face for the first time? Of course, with C and J, I can picture it as though it was yesterday. Will it be different? I haven't seen photos of them for two months. Will they look as different now as they did in their updated photos? Am I really going to hold them and kiss them and whisper into their ears that I love them? How could this be? How could God be so good to allow us to experience this and so much more. For C and J-they will see the brother and sister they've been praying for for so very long.

I've been focused on so many other things: work, house, car, etc. I'm choosing to focus first on Jesus and my family. Everything else is just details, and I know God has the details covered.

It appears as though I'll be teaching on my last day of school. It's an interesting turn of events. My long-term substitute's child is sick, poor thing, so she's staying home today. I'm excited to see what the day brings. It will definitely be fun being in the saddle at least one more time :-) Thank you, Lord, that report cards were completed yesterday, and of course, praying for her child to feel better.