Saturday, January 23, 2010

Change and Packing

I distinctly remember sitting in this exact chair by the computer, telling my husband that I didn't feel content. I wanted to be at peace, yet it seemed as though something needed to change. I wasn't sure what that was: my job, our family, our house-I just couldn't pinpoint it. As I described this to one of my friends, she said, "Wow, this reminds me of Joshua, crossing the Jordan." I just kind of looked at her blankly because I didn't know the story. Well, I do now. I've read it, meditated on it, and thought about a few hundred times since then. We have seen the result of what God has been whispering to us very clearly over the last few weeks. Here's the rundown:

Referral of Babies-October 26 (change of family)
Sell car-buy van-Jan. 9 (change of car)
Negotiations underway for sale of home-Jan. 22 (change of house)
Last day at current job for a while-Jan. 26 (change of job)

So, one month and much has changed. I told God many times that I was ready to cross, to cross to the other side. I didn't know what it meant, I just knew He was calling us. I still don't know fully all that it means, but I'm excited to see where He leads.

We're in the midst of packing for our trip to pick up the babies. We leave in less than one week-wow.

I'm so thankful. It's the only thing I can really say. I've tried so many times over this last month to verbalize to our friends, coworkers, family how thankful I am that they have come along side us in this journey. It has been nothing short of a miracle to see how God has worked in others' lives and our lives over the last year.

Praising God that He never changes, for being our rock.