Sunday, November 1, 2009

What's Next?

For those of you who don't hang on every adoption timeline or read every blog of anyone who has ever adopted from Ethiopia, you may be wondering what will happen next? Well, a lot of things are happening behind the scenes in Ethiopia and with our agency. Basically, we are waiting for a court date. If both babies pass court (while we are still here in the US), we'll travel to pick them up after that time. Several other families who received their referrals weeks before us, received a court date of Nov. 30. I have no idea when ours might be. I can't wait to see our babies, but I also know we have A LOT to do before we pick them up. HOWEVER, if someone told us we could get them tomorrow, we'd be on a plane to Ethiopia tonight :-)

Continuing to praise God and stand amazed at His truly awe-some nature and work...