Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Story of "The Call"

So...I never ever left home without my phone and made sure I knew where it was at all times. During work, it sat on my desk b/c I wouldn't be able to hear it otherwise. However, on this particular day, I took my students to computer lab and a last minute distraction (there are many in first grade :-) caused me to go to the lab without my phone. So, I'm in computer lab, and I look out the door and see my husband standing in the doorway. I seriously thought I was dreaming for a minute. I went to the door and my first words were, "This better be a good thing". He started smiling and said that "Yes, it is a good thing. We got the call." Screeeeeeeeech. Hold up! What?! The call?! I thought I would get the call. I was quickly going through the last half hour in my mind and realized that I left my phone in my classroom, so I couldn't have gotten the call. So, then I said to my husband, "Please, please tell me I'm not dreaming." These last few weeks have had me a bit on edge, waiting and wondering, and I wasn't certain of reality for a brief moment. (Yes, I'm pretty much on the edge of clinically insane at any given moment.) So, I blubbered something to the computer tech. aide that we got the call and I remember her saying "Go. Go." I kept asking if my kids would be okay, and again, she was like, "Just Go!" So, Jim and I went to my classroom and with shaking hands, crying, smiling, blubbering, we pulled up their faces. Oh. My. Goodness. They were/are so absolutely beautiful. I know. Parents have to say that, but they are. They really are. So, that's it. Jim got the call. It was absolutely amazing. Praise God!