Friday, October 4, 2013

Totally Normal, Right?

My mom has said many times that I should write a book about our every day happenings.  And, it would have to be labeled as fiction because no one would believe half the stuff that goes on here.  It's also therapeutic for me to laugh and write this stuff down, 'cause if I don't it can make me want to explode.

So, here's a rundown of the week:

#1 I'm sure my neighbors have decided I'm certifibly nuts.  As I was Shop-Vacing the yard today (yes, you read correctly) I look over to see my neighbor Russ, slapping his knee and laughing uncontrollably.  Why, you ask?  Well, yesterday was "Twash Day" (Ana dialect) here at the Laubachs.  (Guess the shredded paper should have been taken directly to the recycling bin.)

#2  I've babysat Big Boy on more than one occasion this week.  We decided that "Big Boy" bears an eery resemblance to G. when he came home.   

#3 We had a fruit fly invasion.  If you've never had one, you can't fully appreciate the following photo.  If you have, you will rejoice along w/ me. We only have a few left. Victory is mineeee!!!!Muwaaaahahh.

And then there was the cleaning of the trampoline-twice!  First was lot and lots and lots of dirt and second was cocoa powder.  Prior to that it was Old Bay seasoning.  

Not to mention needing to clean oil out of the wagon and yard. 

Gabriel was playing mail carrier today and threw a paper over the fence to both of our neighbors.

I was helping G. correctly pronounce his "v"s when I realized the little rat was laughing at me.  Apparently, he thought my face was hilarious as I overemphasized the "v" sound.

I suppose it's not all that different than other families in this season of life.  Right?