Friday, April 5, 2013

Babies in Bellies and a Teenager in the House

So, unbeknownst to us, our youngest daughter has been going around asking every.single.woman if she has a baby in her belly...ugh.  The worst part-she seems to target them when they're alone-probably at, um, that time of the month, when you're feeling a bit bloated.  Isn't this just the worst question ever?!  I SO want to go onto facebook, but I'm taking a break from facebook and I announced it to the whole world.  So now, if I go back on and post, people will not only be thinking ill thoughts of my daughter but will be wondering about her mother's lying skills.  So...I will not post.

Here's the backstory:
We got Netflix a while back.  I was sure all my problems were solved.  Jim was happy-$7.99 a month-yay for us.  Until A and G decide they only like shows the other one HATES.  So, along comes Rugrats.  I know.  No self-respecting mama lets her kids watch Rugrats probably.  I did for an instant think it was a bad idea and then they both started chanting, "rugrats, rugrats", so because they we're in agreement over one stinkin' show, I let them watch it.  And then we found the Rugrats Movie.  These two do not sit still for more than 10 minutes-tops.  So when they both sat down and watched the whole thing, I was like, this is the best movie ever.  Until...the blasted question that keeps popping up all over our church and who knows where else.  Apparently the mom on the show has a baby in her belly.  This has brought up all sorts of questions in our house.

A funny from today:  Ana says to Gabriel as we played restaurant:  "Extuse me, Sur.  I would like some caffeine."

Tonight we will celebrate Cole's 13th birthday by taking him for Chinese, going to BU field house, and then for raspberry ice cream-some of his favorite things. So excited to love on him.