Saturday, February 22, 2014

Storybook Moments...NOT!

So, Ana decides she wants to pray for us as we tuck her into bed last night.  Jules is in the room to say goodnight, so she comes over and huddles in with us.  Jim came too, wraps his arm around all of us. It was one of those really good moments you want to freeze in time.

So, Ana starts praying..."Dear Dod, thank you for my fam-i-ly and everything you provide 'em...(it's how she always starts) and at that moment she starts hacking and coughing and before you know it, she looks up at me and says, "I frew up." I look down at her pillow, and I'm like, um yeah, Ana, you did frow up.

Not only did she frow up there, she continued "frowing up" all over her bedroom.  Gabriel sat on his bed crying, sort of a crazy scream cry.  I don't know if he was scared for Ana or horrified that puke was all over his bedroom.  Julia stood there trying not to frow up herself.  Jim was already in motion with the frowed-up upon pillow.

Ahhh...the moments of life.  It's real life.  How I often want the Pollyanna moments with out the puke...the puke has  away of  making the Pollyanna moments unforgettable.