Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pull your sleeves down! I am totally serious.

Cole's basketball game in a neighboring town (eh hemm..Selinsgrove) had finally ended.   Things were pretty much out.of.control through most of the game.  Fans had screamed at the refs., one man literally cheered when one of our players was knocked down (Jim gave him the what-for...go Hon...although I was pretty much scared!), and it was just an overall sad situation.  I don't know that I've ever seen quite so clearly the image of a dying idol (winning/reputation?) while the worshiper (the crowd) tries to hold on with all his might, scratching and fighting to do anything to keep it...not the point.

Anyway, so we're in the hall (behind enemy lines) after the game and Cole walks out of the locker room and comes up with a smile on his face.  Now Cole is a wonderful young him to pieces.  However, he got the "my voice carries well above the rest" gift, just like his mom and he's 13, so his mouth and brain don't necessarily work in tandem all the time.

So, I call him over and tell him to  I tell him we're leaving the school and that he is not to be purposefully obnoxious (cause I'm pretty sure there were even grandmas there who would have put a whoopin' on anyone who annoyed them at this point in time) and that he is to keep his voice down.  He's like, um okay mom.  But Mom... But why did you pull my sleeves down when you called me over? What does that mean?   I'm like, "huh"?  He says, "When you started talking to me, you pulled my sleeves down. What does that mean?"

I tell him, "It means, look at me when I'm talking to you.  I am very serious."

We probably thought it was way funnier than it was, but we definitely have the same humor.  Not sure if a mom should identify with her middle-schooler's humor, but oh well.