Monday, October 28, 2013

Disciple Making-children-day 1

Reading through the bible w/ A and G-day 1, continuing to disciple C and J....learning to disciple my children.
*Didn't expect God's grace to pour and pour and pour-

*After reading about the light and darkness on the first day of creation, Gabriel went and got his puzzle that has the shape of a sun and moon on it.  Specifically told me to use "this" to tell him and Ana the story-blown away!
*Ana asked what "multiplied" meant when we read about the plants and God multiplying the earth with the plants.  I told her how God multiplies the plants and people.
*I wrote Gabriel's verse on contentment in our prayer journal. Then asked Ana what hers was:  "babies and babies in my belly".  She explained that she wants God to put a baby in her belly.  Told her she needed a husband.  She said she has Gabriel.
*Julia and I read "True Woman" book given by Kathy W.  Today we reread the story about the "moon reflecting the sun" and Psalm 19:1
*Jim pulled Rom. 5:1-5 out for us today.  Jules read aloud while Cole coughed down medicine.  We were precisely at the word "endure" at that moment-he said, "Oh, I know what it means to endure."  meaning the medicine was awful.

Love you, God.  Thank you for your grace.