Friday, July 12, 2013

Rethinking our Role Models :-)...

So, Julia announced last night, since everyone was present (she said), that she wants a goat dummy (for tying-sorry goat lovers) for Christmas...thanks Amy Good.  I guess it would be better than her using Ana, as she's been doing.

Ana comes in this morning, and asks for a grocery bag for her chicken, 'cause it's dead, after viewing Katie Benner's blog (Katie Loves Haiti)  on which she shares how she bought a chicken at the market, and then butchered it in the backyard...oh my.

Many mornings, Gabriel tells Ana to get her "horse boots" on...they're heading for the stable (aka bikes in shed).

We are so thankful for Godly young women in lives of our children.  We love you, Katie and Amy.